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A Guide On How To Use Copilot In MS Word

Wondering how to write compelling emails, ad copies that inspire people to take action, or engaging blog articles?

Well, worry not I have got the perfect tool for you to help you write effective and compelling stories.

The name of the tool is Copilot, but what is Copilot and how can you use it to improve your writing by integrating Copilot into MS Word?

Copilot in MS Word is a fun and interactive way of writing compelling stories, emails, and actionable ad copy.

In this article, I’ll answer all these questions and help you master the best ways and techniques to use Copilot in Word to enhance your writing.

With no further delay, let’s dive into our today’s topic and explore the benefits and features of using Copilot in MS Word.

What Is Copilot And What Are Its Features?

Copilot is a powerful AI (Chatbot) developed and designed by Microsoft to help you assist with all your writing needs.

Copilot is so powerful and smart that it can help you enhance your writing by providing you with real-time suggestions and auto-text completion options.

To make the text humane, Copilot uses and analyses the context of your text to ensure it doesn’t lose the human touch.

Copilot ensures that the results remain relevant to the context of your writing by keeping a record of your previous conversations.

Features Of Copilot In MS Word

Let’s explore some of the key features of Copilot in MS Word:

Automatic Grammar & Spelling Checks

Copilot can easily identify grammatical and spelling mistakes in your writing as well as correct those mistakes in real time helping you write efficiently and with confidence.

Auto Complete

Copilot is a smart AI chatbot that can auto-complete phrases and words in your writing based on the context of your writing, saving you valuable time and effort.

Style Suggestions

Style suggestions are one of Copilot’s key features that help you enhance your writing by making it more readable.


One of the best things about Copilot is that Copilot has the ability to learn for your ( users) writing style and preferences over time.

This helps Copilot to provide you (users) with more personalized suggestions that are more relevant to your writing style and the context of your writing.

How To Use Copilot In MS Word?

Here’s how you can use Copilot in MS Word:

  • The first thing you need is to install the Copilot plugin for MS Word from the Microsoft AppSource store.
  • After installing the Copilot Plugin for your MS Word, you need to launch MS Word on your computer.
  • In the next step, you need to enable the Copilot in Word. After the installation of the Copilot plugin, you will see a new Copilot tab in your MS Word toolbar.
  • Click on the new Copilot Tab to open the Copilot pane.
  • In the next step, it will ask you to sign in or create your account if you don’t already have an account.
  • After your successful sign-in, Copilot will be enabled and you can start typing in MS Word.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Copilot In MS Word?

Copilot is a powerful tool with the ability to enhance the overall writing experience of its users.

Here are some of the benefits of using Copilot in MS Word:

Improved Writing Quality

Copilots offers smart style suggestions while correcting any grammatical mistakes in your writing, helping you improve the overall quality of your writing.


Copilot automatically corrects errors and provides the right and relevant suggestions while you are writing, helping you save valuable time and extra effort.

Improved Writing Efficiency

Copilot makes writing more efficient by providing you with auto-complete options and relevant suggestions in real-time.

More Personalized Experience

The more time you spend in Copilot the more personalized the AI gets to know you and your writing style.

Over time, Copilot learns for your writing style and offers a more personalized writing experience.

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, Copilot is a powerful tool that can enhance your overall writing experience in MS Word.

Copilot is a powerful smartly designed AI tool that can help you unlock your writing potential.

So whether you are a well-trained experienced writer or just a beginner, Copilot is the best writing assistant you can ask for.

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